Sun Rituals from Picatrix

An example of a contemporary traditional astrological election based on the same principles of timing as mentioned below can be found at Chris Warnock's Renaissance Astrology site.

When you want to petition the Sun

Picatrix Book 3, Ch. 7, @ 27.

When you want to petition the Sun and ask him for something, for example request the grace of a king, the love of lords, rulerships and acquisitions of this category, you will render the Sun favorable by placing him at the ascendant (sunrise), and this at his day and his hour.

Dress yourself in royal clothing, silken, yellow and mixed with gold; place on your head a golden crown and and on your finger a golden ring; you will take the appearance of men eminent in Chaldea, because he was the master of their ascendant. Enter into a remote house reserved to this working; place the right hand on the left and gaze at the Sun with reserve and humility as a timid and reserved man gazes at him.

Then take a golden censer, and a handsome cock with a beautiful throat; above his neck hold a small burning wax candle that be situated at the end of a rod of one hand in length; in the fire of the censer place the incense described below. As soon as the Sun rises, turn the cock towards him; while the smoke from the censer rises continually, say:

"You who are the root of the sky, you who are above all of the stars and all of the planets, you who are holy and honorable, I ask you to hear my petition, to grant me the grace and love of [such king] and of all other kings. I conjure you by he who gives you light and life. You are the light of the world. I invoke you by all your names:

Yazemiz in Arabic
Sol in Latin
Maher in Chaldean
Lehuz in Roman
Araz in Indian

You are the light of the world and its brilliance; you keep yourself amidst the planets. It is you who by the virtue of your heat produces generation in the world, you who are lofty in your position. I ask you by your authority and your will of deigning to aid me that [such king] and all other kings of the earth place me in a lofty and sublime position, and that I have rulership and authority, like you who are the master of the planets and the stars and of whom they receive light and brilliance.

I ask you, you who are the root of the firmament, to have pity of me and be attentive to the petitions and requests I make of you."

While the smoke rises pronounce these words.

The incense needed for this working is what we call "The Hermits' Incense", incense that produces, according to wise men of old, great and marvelous actions. It is composed of 31 spices - here is the composition.

Take germander, bdellium, myrrh, labdanum, wild alder, seseli - 6 oz of each.

Celtic nard, Indian germander, pine prunings - 3 oz each.

lily roots, wild lettuce, cardamom, calamus, frankincense, mace - 5 oz each.

Dried roses, saffron, spikenard, caper root, cinqefoil - 4 oz each.

Lemon balm, grains of balsam, dodder - 9 oz each.

Lemongrass - 1 oz; pumpkin seeds, grains of paradise, turpentine, powdered date, seeded grapes - 2 lbs each and 5 lbs of frothed honey.

Grind what should be ground, blend in some very good wine, and make into pills; you will reserve them for the working of the Sun, for making fumigations while petitioning the Sun with the preceding petition. Once this is finished, slay the cock and eat its liver. Then do all that we said above for the others and you will have what you want.

Pictrix Book 3, Ch. 7, @ 28.

But the incense of the Sun and its prayer should be done with the most efficaciousness in this manner. Dress yourself in the clothing mentioned before; arrange them on yourself according to the form we have spoken of, and place this incense in the fire of the censer:

Take saffron, storax, frankincense, nutmeg, lead oxide, wild pomegranate blossom, aloeswood, saxifrage - all in equal parts.

Grind them, blend them, and make them into pills that you will reserve for later use. At the desired moment place them on the burning coals of the censer. When the smoke rises say:

"May God save you, O Sun, you who are fortunate, who are a great favorable planet, you who are hot and dry, luminous, resplendent, noble, beautiful, lofty king and honored above all the stars planets.

The virtue of beauty, of nuance, good disposition, truth, wisdom, science, wealth that are acquired by your virtue are reinforced in you.

You are the lord of the six planets that are directed by your motion, and you, you reign over them, over them you exercise royalty and rulership; they exist by obeying you, and they bow under your gaze, so well that when they are joined to you in their movements, they obey you right away and flow from your light; and when they are in conjunction with you they are burned by your rays and totally hidden to our sight; all of them shine by your light, your virtue and your splendor. You have power over them all. You are king, they are vassals. You give them clarity and power, and they receive from you their favorable character, and become favorable when you regard them under a favorable aspect; and when you regard them under an unfavorable aspect they lose their favorable aspect and become unfavorable. There is no one who may totally seize all of your bounty and eminence, which are infinite to our intellect."

When you have spoken what precedes in this fashion, prostrate yourself on the ground, turn your face towards the Sun and repeat numerous times the above words.

You will make the sacrifice with an animal of the Sun, as has been said above for the other planets, and you will have what you desire.

Picatrix Book 3, Ch. 7, @ 29.

Another petition to the Sun, which sages affirm is for kings, powerful men, and men of authority when their powers and kingdoms are put to evil and they want to return to their former situation. When you want to do these workings for the preceding motives or others similar, first put Scorpio on the ascendant, while the Sun aspects Mars (favorably).

Take a golden censer where you will place fire with coals of oakwood, take into your hand lumps of amber the size of chickpeas, that you will toss in the fire of the censer one after the other in turn. When the smoke rises to the Sun (that is when it is at Midheaven) turn yourself towards it and say:

"O Sun, you who are the source of wealth, increase in strength, source of the ordering of life and of greatnesses and the beginning of all good things!

I place in you all of my heart and with you I put myself entirely into your hands. I address to your a petition because of the reduction, eclipse, and the diminishing of my power, and because men laugh at me and respect me not according to my situation.

I conjure you in the name of God, the Lord on High, who is the engine of your movements and gives you power for permitting you to accomplish your movements, and in the name of the obedience that you must display to this Lord, in the name of the reason you have to aid and deliver those who prostrate themselves before you and your will (that is those who petition you and supplicate you with a pure and sincere heart), in the name of the rulership and power that the Lord grants you above other planets, I conjure you therefore to bring me attention, to liberate my heart, to uproot inquiet thoughts and sadness, to bring me into my power, my status, and my office, and that a small part of the men of this world come to obey me and support my rulership; judge worthy to grant me the power and strength of your greatness and superiority that give me the luck and the power to make everyone obey me.

I ask you by your hidden and veiled superiorities by the help that you bring me for ordering movements, by your influence, your power, your force, and the actions that you exert upon the generations in the world, by your mercy that touches the small, by your fortune which the great attain, by your faithfulness and loyalty to God our Lord, who grants you power, by your duty to help those who have recourse to you and petition you, by the ways and routes of the sky that have no like upon the earth, I conjure you therefore to hear my petition, to understand my request, to lend attention to my words and to manifest definitively my requests. May all those who have towards you a pure and sincere heart have a complete salvation."

On saying that, be dressed in the clothing we mentioned above and keep yourself towards the Sun; you will observe all the other recommendations that have already been made, and you will have what you want.

Working via the Sun

Picatrix Book 3, Ch. 9

When you want to work by means of the Sun, do this on the day of the Lord (Sunday), when the Sun is in the Lion and the Moon is found at 15 degrees or 19 degrees Aries. You will set up a house made suitable that is clean and resplendent, and you will decorate it with the most costly fabrics that can have. Place there seven golden images. If you don't have them in gold, get them at least in wood. If they are in gold, place above them crowns of red rubies and pearls; if they are in wood, cover them with vestments of red silk and above them place crowns of gold and red rubies.

You will place these images in the middle of the house and before each of these images you will place a table. On each table place cakes made with white flour and the preparation thereof mixing the dry and the moist; in the midst between each of these a jug of wine and around a container full of spices and fragrant substances like musk, camphor, and amber; and place some myrtle in the house.

Then light a big wax candle, sit down on something tall, turn towards the images and say:

"Tebdeluz, Dihymez, Andulez, Dehycayz, Aginafez, Mahagnuz, Ahadyz, Tuymerys"

When you have spoken that, make the request that you have proposed to do.

That done, invite one of your close relations or a friend, eat the prior-mentioned food and drink the wine. Then go out of the house, because the spirits of the Sun will grant what you asked and answer your prayers.

Incense of the Sun

Picatrix Book 4, Ch. 6

Take flowers of spikenard, yellow and red sandalwood (6 oz each); chufa (cyperus esculentus), thyme, and cinnamon wood (6 oz each); 12 oz of costus (Saussurea lappa root); the brain and blood of an eagle and a cat (20 oz each). Dry all this and then do all in the order you did above for the others.

NOTE: "as you did above" means: 1. Work by the spiritual power of the planets using instructions from Book 3, Ch 6. 2. Crush and mix the ingredients and make pills of 1 demi-ounce each. 3. Make sure the blood used is taken from the animal's heart.

COMMENT: Costus root is apparently similar to ginger in savor and aroma, ginger may be a suitable alternative (?).

Oil of the Sun

Picatrix Book 4, Ch. 6

The ointment that follows was found in the books of the wise; it is called Ointment of the Sun. Its property serves to obtain grace, honor, elevation, the love of kings, the esteem of soldiers and VIPs. Take a glass vial, and fill it with rose oil, pure and clear.

In the (planetary) day of Mars when the Sun is in the sign of Aries or Leo and at the degree of the ascendent, and regards the Moon under a friendly aspect (ie., trine, sextile), stand on your feet, turn towards the Sun, take the vial in your right hand and say while having your head turned towards the Sun:

"May God save you, planet full of light and bounty!

How beautiful you are, goodly in your origin and refined in spirit!

You, you are the Sun, and by your light, your spirit, and your vitality, you govern the world.

You, candle of the sky, you light of the universe, you creator of all that is subject to generation; this power was renowned in you by God.

You are the Sun, you who examines the four quarters of the world while turning in the sky.

Light and beauty were accorded you by divine power.

You, you grant luminous life and light to the Moon from her waxing to her waning, without veil.

I pray therefore to grant me in this oil friendship, benevolence and favorable reception, so that friendliness and feelings for me will flow through the hearts of all, and that I may have thereby love, the favor of kings, of men well-placed, and the humble. I am one such.

I ask you and conjure you, by your superiority, to place friendliness and love towards me in their hearts, their tongues, in their abidings everywhere that they find themselves, and in their places of pleasures, so that they rejoice at my sight and my friendship in accord with the pleasures that they have the practice of usually experiencing. And here in seeing my presence, that they will honor me and rejoice.

I conjure you Lord by the angel Ancora, who dwells in the 4th heaven, and by Behartyon, Actarie, Ahude, to place in this oil that I have in my hand the love and benevolence of kings' hearts, of lords and men high-placed, so that they will seek me ardently and I will have no enemy in the world; that to the contrary, all will love, cherish and obey me, that they will neither transgress my orders, but seek above all my favors.

I conjure you Lord by Behibilyon, Celyuberon, who dwells in the 5th heaven, to open their hearts and tie up their tongues such that they not speak ill of me nor pick a fight with me neither in speech nor action. Make the binding above for now and always.

I conjure you Lord by Zauceb who is angel of the 6th heaven to close the mouth of my enemies - towards the contrary pour into their hearts love and affection for me and my respect.

I conjure you Lord by Barhaot, who dwells in the seventh heaven, to grant me love, goodwill, good reputation, and good reception in the hearts of all men in the world, and to grant me welcome and perfect love from all men as much by day as by night, by your spirit and your grace.

I conjure you by the name that animates loves and friendships, that unites and couples together hearts of those who love each other, to pour for me into all their hearts enduring love and benevolence for now and evermore. Amen."

Repeat this prayer twelve times, after having observed the above conditions. Then keep this oil in reserve. When you want to present yourself before kings, lords, well-placed men, anoint your face with this oil. Go where you will and you will see marvels in the favorable reception that will be reserved for you on the part of these men.

This working has been written as we found it, this above, in the books of the Hindus - this working is practiced by them constantly in their land, in all their affairs.