Picatrix Book 3

Chapter 1
Rapports of the planets to plants, animals, and metals

1. After having spoken in the preceding book of the images and figures of the sky and the other elements that are found there, let's say now that the figures or the masks of our world are assimilated to the celestial figures that resemble them. Know that according that the Sun passes from one place to another in the circle of the zodiac, its effects are diversified, and they are diversified also in function of the diversity of the planets and the fixed stars. And so when we want to put in place certain things, we must observe the the moment that they are adapted, in paying attention to do the works according to the celestial figures, and thus effectively realize for ourselves the works that we would do, by the nature and by the similitude of the earthly with the celestial, and the rapport appropriate of the two natures between them, that is the heavenly and the earthy. Within the earthy the celestial power expands and in it the movement and change of the spirit are very great, conforming to the request. That is why the works of the talismans are of two kinds, that is by the virtue of the sky and by the natural virtue of the earth. And all that we will say in this third book with regard to the talismans of nigromancy conforms totally to the science of talismans and to their supreme superiorities.

2. In this book I reveal turn by turn with a particular seriousness, the effects and the powers that each planet has within itself, separately, by rapport to the effects and to the properties of nigromancy.

3. I will speak first of Saturn. Saturn is the is the source of the power of memory. It concerns the profound sciences, the religious sciences, the research of causes and of the roots of things and of their effects, the formulation of marvels and the knowledge of deep and secret properties. Among the languages it counts the Hebrew and the Chaldean; among exterior body parts, the right ear and among the interiors, the spleen, source of the black bile that allows the joining together of each of the members; among the religions, it counts the Judaic; among fabrics, all black fabrics. Among careers, working the earth, laboring, digging, mining, working with minerals, also careers in construction. Among the flavors, things of bitter taste. Among locales, dark mountains, hidden creeks, deep wells, ditches, and wilderness. Among stones, onyx and all black stones. Among metals, lead, iron, and all black stinky metals. Among trees, the elder, the oak, the carob, the palm, the vine; among the herbs the cumin, the rue, the onion, and all the plants that have thick leaves. Among aromatic plants, the aloeswood, the myrrh, and other similar products like the (ceruse) and the crabapple. Among the aromatic substances, cinnamon and storax; among the animals, black camels, pigs, monkeys, bears, dogs and cats; among birds all those with a long neck and a course cry like the crane, the ostrich, the owl, the raven; and all the animals that crawl under the ground, all the animals that are small, damp, and stinky. Among the colors it owns the color black or gray.

4. Jupiter is the source of the power of increase. He concerns laws and legality, the sciences of judgement, he allows the acquiring easily of what one asks, what one wants to restore or what one wants to keep; he protects from moral illnesses. He possesses wisdom, philosophy, and the interpretations of dreams; among languages, monotheism; among fabrics, white and costly. For the functions to exercise or not to exercise, he has this of ordering and improving law and public commerce; among the flavors, the sweet; among locations, places of prayer, all places that are bright, pure and sacred; among stones, the emerald, all white and yellow stones like quartz and every stone that is translucent and white, reputed precious; among metals, the tin and zinc oxide; among trees, walnuts, filberts, pines, pistachios, and all fruiting trees that have fruits with a rind [like citrus]; among plants, the white mint and all fertile plants with a a pleasant smell; among aromatic plants, the saffron, yellow sandalwood, musk, camphor, amber, and mace; among animals, and attractive animals useful for their beauty and with which one ordinarily makes sacrifices; and all docile animals that are pure and handsome like camels, sheep, deer, gazelles; among birds, all beautiful colorful birds like peacocks, cocks, pigeons, and quail; among small creatures, those that are useful like the silkworm and other similar creatures. Among colors he has the red tending towards the white [pink].

5. Mars is the source of the power of attraction. He concerns the sciences of nature; he has the surgeon and the work of the blacksmith for beasts of burden; the extraction of teeth, of bloodletting and circumcision. Among languages he has the Persian. Among exterior body parts, the left nostril. Among interior organs, the bile from which comes choler and heat and the irascible and combative instinct. Among religions he has the heretical and the changing of religion; among fabrics those in linen, the hides of hares, dogs, and different hides; among activities the working with iron and with fire, the making of weapons of war and brigandry; among flavors the hot and the dry and the bitter; among locales, encampments, fortifications, places of defense, battlefields, those where one lights fire, and where one slaughters animals; places where wolves gather, also bears and other wild animals, as well as places of punishment; among stones the onyx and all stones red and somber; among metals the "azernech" (that is the red-gold pigment), sulfur, petroleum, glass, and red bronze; among trees, every tree that has a hot nature like the black pepper, the pine, the scammony, cumin and "cocindium", the laurel, euphorbia, hemlock, and trees good for lighting a fire. Among aromatic plants, all those that have an evil nature, deadly to those who eat them, and this due to the extreme heat found in them; among perfumes, red sandalwood; among animals, red camels and all animals with big red teeth and dangerous wild animals; among small creatures, the verminous ones like vipers, scorpions, mice and other suchlike; among colors, deep red.

6. The Sun is the light of the world who governs the world, and is the source of the power of generation. He pertains to philosophy, auguries, and the giving of judgements; among languages he has the Gallic, and one finds he shares Greek with Mercury. Among exterior body parts, the eyes; and among internal organs, the heart that rules the parts of the body, and, source of heat, grants life to the entire body; among religions, the religion of the Gentiles and those who appeal to the planetary spirits; among fabrics, the costly and splendid, worked in gold; among flavors, the greasy and the sweet; among places, great cities, royal and beautiful where kings dwell, elegant and sublime. Among stones, the ruby and agate; among metals, gold; among trees, those that are tall and lovely like great palms; among plants, the crocus and the rose; and for the wheat, the grain, and olives, he shares with Saturn; among aromatic plants, aloeswood, sandalwood, gum-lacquer, and all species of a hot and subtle nature; among perfumes, the best aloeswoods; among beasts, those that are precious and powerful like humanity, cattle, horses, camels, rams, cows, and all great animals that posses strength and power; among birds those that kings often keep such as the goshawk, falcons, and eagles; he relates in part to peacocks, he also has great snakes and shares the bear with Mars; among colors, he has medium red and golden yellow.

7. Venus is the source of the power of sensuality. She relates to grammar, poetry, music and songs. Among languages, she has Arabic; among exterior body parts, the right nostril; and among interior organs the opening through where one does coitus and the expulsion of seed as well as the stomach, whence goes the power and desire of drink and food; among religions, that of the Saracens (Islam); among fabrics, all decorated fabrics; among activities, all activities of painting and drawing, the selling of well-scented plants, playing instruments of harmonious sound, singing, acrobatics, and making instrument strings; among flavors, all sweet flavors that have a good taste; among places, bad places, places where men ordinarily recline, and places where men amuse themselves, and joyful places where one sings or plays music, places of mistresses, of beautiful women, and also places where one eats and drinks; among precious stones, the pearl; among minerals, lapis lazuli and lead carbonate; among plants, all plants that have a pleasant scent like the crocus and the rose and all flowers that have a good scent, a good taste and an agreeable aspect; among aromatic plants, the balsam, good seeds of strongly scented "juleb", the musk and amber; among living beings, women, camels, and beautiful animals, all fine animals of good and regular body like gazelles, ewes, deer, and hares; among birds, all attractive and well made birds, that have a voice and sing like the partridge, the lark, and other similar creatures. Among small creatures, she has beautiful colorful creatures; among colors the deep blue and the color gold tending a bit to the green.

8. Mercury is the source of the power of intellection. It relates to the study of sciences, of knowledge, dialectic, grammar, philosophie, geometry, astronomy with its judgements, geomancy, the art of writing, the observing of birds for predictions, the translation of the dialect of the Turks and of other nations; among the external body parts of a man, the tongue; among interior organs, the brain and the heart, whence come intellect and the virtues that permit the organizing of beings in a coherent fashion, such as the memory of sensible things; among religions, all that is heterodox, the research on the nature of religions, the choice of religions of the philosophers and those which are conformed to intelligence; among fabrics those of linen; among activities, preaching, versification, the career of carpenter, geometry, interpretation of dreams, the art of sculptor and draftsman, all activities which are discovered by a subtle talent; among flavors, the acrid; among places, the house of preaching, places where are exercised subtle activities, and springs of water, streams, lakes, wells; among precious stones, all stones with carved and engraved figures; among stones the quicksilver and all minerals that are volatile and act by lofty works; among plants, the reed, cotton, linen, peppercorns, and trees that have a sharp taste like the cloves, and all trees that bear fruit with a rind; among aromatic plants, all the gums; among odiferous plants, those which have medicinal and curative virtues like ginger, spikenard, and others similar; among living beings, humans, small camels, wild asses, and ruminants, monkeys, wolves, and all animals quick at jumping or running; all beasts that feed by predation. Among birds, those that fly lightly that appear to act in all with intelligence and spirit and which have agreeable voices; among small creatures, those that move themselves about without difficuly like ants and such; among colors, blue and motley.

9. The Moon is the planet that receives the powers of the planets and distributes them within the world, and is the source of the power of nature. She relates to geometry and arithmetic, applied in particular to watercourses, weights and measures, lofty sciences, nigromancy, medicine, their investigations and those of ancient things. Among languages, she has the Germanic; among exterior body parts, she has the left eye and among internal organs the lungs from whence come the breath; and among religions those that address idols and talismans; among fabrics, hides and canvas; among activities those of polishing, of working with hides, of minting coins and of navigation; of flavors, what is weak like water; among stones, small pearls; silver and those which have a white body; among trees, the papyrus and reed, all white perfumed trees, those which grow upon the earth and do not stand very tall, all short plants, all grasses and pasture; among places, springs of water, lakes, marshes, snowy places and of water in all category; among aromatic plants, those that serve to order and treat the body like cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and others; among animals the ginger draft horse, mules, asses, cows, and hares; among birds, all birds of light movements, all animals that begin in the air and live there, and all aquatic and white birds. She has white snakes. Among colors she has the mixture of yellow and red (orange).

10. Know that the nature of the Head of the Dragon is of increasing; if she is in conjunction with favorable planets, there is augmentation in their sovereignty and force; if she is in conjunction with unfavorable planets, therefore they augment their nuisance and unhappiness. In the same way, the Tail of the Dragon is of the nature of reducing. If she is in conjunction with faborable planets, she diminishes their advantage; but if it is with unfavorable planets, she diminishes their evils and their damage. I advise you to understand what precedes with care.